Virus Removal London

If you suspect your device has contracted a virus, please get in touch on 07842 908769 for a FREE, no obligation, Virus Removal London quote.

Virus Removal London

Pop-ups, Slowdown, Crashes, Low Disk Space, Slow Internet Speed, Unwanted Toolbars or Programs, Unusual Messages, Programs that Start Automatically, Friends Receiving Strange Messages from You - are all signs that you may have a virus.

Signs Your Device May Have a Virus – Virus Removal London

Virus Removal London. In their June Threat Report, McAffee revealed that malware (a broad term covering a range of electronic infections including viruses) samples reached 680 million cases over the past year alone. With more users and smart devices online than ever before, Cyber Crime is becoming increasingly alluring for would-be criminals and established gangs alike. Below are a few signs you can look out for that suggest you have a virus. If your device exhibits any of the below signs, it is important to contact us on 07842 908769 about our Virus Removal London services.

Computer Running Slowly – Virus Removal London

Viruses and Malware have a tendency to slow down your computer as they hog performance to undertake malicious activities.

This can be a difficult one to spot as a computer slowdown could be caused by a resource intensive program or old hardware.

Augment Technicians can quickly diagnose your problem, rid your computer of viruses and speed up your computer.

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Pop-up Mania – Virus Removal London

Virus Removal London

If you are bombarded with Pop-Up advertising every time you start your computer or internet browser then you likely have an AdWare Infection or a Trojan Tracker.

AdWare hackers make their money by creating unwanted links or by causing you to accidentally click on their ads to unsavoury websites.

Pop-Ups are not only incredibly irritating, but decrease productivity, some may steal credit or debit card information, whilst others may even download further viruses.

To avoid these types of infections, there are some best practices to note:

  • Don’t click any suspicious pop-up windows
  • Don’t respond to unsolicited emails/messages
  • Exercise caution when installing applications

At Augment, we regularly cleanse deeply infected PCs of Viruses and Adware, leaving them Pop-Up and irritation free. We also offer a ‘prevention package‘, in which we equip your computer with the latest Cyber Security tools to prevent future infections and pop-ups. As a result, our ‘prevention package‘ clients experience stress free use of their devices, clear from intrusive pop-ups.

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Strange Unauthorised Messages You Didn’t Send – Virus Removal London

Virus Removal London

Viruses intend to spread to as many computers as possible. Some spread through social media, email or text, with the goal of infecting all your important contacts.

If your friends are asking you about strange posts or messages coming through your social media or strange emails they have been getting from you, then you likely have a virus.

It is important to avoid clicking on any emails and certainly not any attachments, from people you don’t know. If you receive an email from someone you do know, but the subject seems a little strange it may be worth checking with the sender first that they intended to send it, and only click on links if the sender has personally assured you that it is safe to do so.

If you are worried that your accounts have been infected, please give us a call on 07842 908769 or click here to fill out a Contact Form, and we will help you resolve the problem.

You Get Locked Out Of Your Computer – Virus Removal London

Lock Screen Virus Removal London

Please note: the above image is for demonstration purposes only, you have not been infected by visiting this page, we advise you not to type in any URLs that may be listed in the image.

Lock-screen viruses, such as that shown above, work by disabling control to your computer and displaying an intimidating message claiming to be from a law enforcement agency or Microsoft, asking you to pay money to unlock it.

Microsoft and Law Enforcement Agencies will NEVER ask you to transfer money and would certainly never lock your computer in such a malicious way.

If you are experiencing a Lock-Screen Virus, then feel free to get in touch on 07842 908769 click here to fill out a Contact Form.

Crashes – Virus Removal London

Fix Blue Screen Error London


Blue Screen Errors alternatively known as the ‘Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)’ are system critical errors from which Windows can’t recover. They have several causes, but are often a sign of a virus infection.

To find out more about the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), click here for our article on the subject.

Blue Screen Errors are one of the most common client issues we fix in London. If you fear you may have the same error, don’t panic, give us a call on 07842 908769 or fill out the Contact Form, here, and we will happily assist you in removing the error and any viruses your computer may have.

Suspicious Hard Drive Activity – Virus Removal London

Excessive hard drive activity can also be a sign of a potential malware infection. If you hard drive is experiencing high-usage even when not you’re not using it; no large downloads or resource-intensive programs running, then it may be time to give us a call.

We will quickly diagnose whether your Hard Drive Activity is caused by a virus, by a failing hard-drive or is completely normal. In the case of a failing hard drive, data loss is imminent; hard-drives deteriorate rapidly once they begin to fail, putting your photos, music and important documents at risk. Visit our page on ‘Data Recovery’ for more information.

Call us on 07842 908769, if you are experiencing suspicious Hard Drive Activity, or alternatively, fill out the Contact Form here.

Running Out of Hard Disk Space – Virus Removal London

Low Disk Space Virus Removal London

If your hard drive has suddenly filled up and you can’t see how. You haven’t download many new files, nor installed lots of new programs, yet you still see an error similar to the above; you may have a virus.

You also need to check whether your physical storage has been changing in size lately or if files have disappeared or changed names. These could be signs of far more serious infections such as RansomWare.

Our technicians are experts at removing RansomWare and recovering all data possible, our ‘prevention package’ also includes RansomWare prevention components that will reduce your chances of getting hit with this severe infection and the, often, irreparable damage it causes.

We also offer Disk Clean Up services in which we highlight the largest files in your system that are slowing things down, and go through each one with you, cleaning up those old files you forgot you had or those you never intended to install.

If you are worried about viruses, RansomWare or are looking to Clean Up your Disk Space and Speed Up your computer, give us a call on 07842 908769 or fill out the Contact Form here.

Slow Internet Speed – Virus Removal London

Fix Slow Internet Speed London

If your internet speed suddenly takes a nose dive, it may be viruses or other malware slowing down your connection.

If you suspect this to be the case, you should give our specialists a call on 07842 908769.

Your Antivirus is Disabled – Virus Removal London

Virus Removal London

If your antivirus solution doesn’t seem to be working anymore or it no longer receives updates, you should investigate immediately. If after you re-enable and reboot your computer, your antivirus is still disabled, call us on 07842 908769 as it most likely that you have a virus.

Some malware is specifically designed to disable your security and leave it permanently damaged unable to protect you from future cyber attacks. This is especially relevant with the reason spate of Financial RansomWare sweeping the globe, which more traditional antivirus methods fail to detect and become disabled upon an infection.

If you believe you exhibit any of the above signs, then feel free to contact us on 07842 908769 or via our Contact Form; our technicians will be with you momentarily, and will quickly cleanse your computer of infections.

If you are concerned about getting viruses in the future or want to protect against RansomWare, then give us a call on the above number, or via our Contact Form, and ask about our ‘prevention package‘.