How to Speed Up Laptop London

Wondering How to Speed Up your Laptop? Augment offer an efficient ‘Laptop Speed Optimisation’ package that will restore your Laptop to its former glory. Call now on 07842 908769 to hear more.

How to Speed Up Laptop London

Is your laptop running slowly? Is your browsing experience infuriatingly slow? Here at Augment Laptop Support, our technicians are specialists in removing the unnecessary files, programs and even viruses that can slow your laptop down.

How to Speed Up Laptop London. If your laptop is a few years old, you may already be thinking that it’s past its sell-by-date. This needn’t be the case, however. Laptops run quickly when you first use them because there are few files, few programs and no viruses clogging up their computing power. However, over time, new programs that launch on start up are installed, hard drives become filled with downloads and miscellaneous junk files. Both these activities contribute to a laptop slowdown.

How to Speed Up Laptop London – Laptop Speed Optimisation from Augment IT Support

Our technicians are experts at speeding up laptops, preventing crashes and unclogging hard drives. With our ‘Laptop Speed Optimisation’ packages, an Augment technician will talk you through removing old, unwanted programs and files. He or She will also remove all viruses, junkware, adware and bloatware that can slow your computer to a crawl. Click here for more information about our Virus Removal Services. The Augment technician will leave you with tips to avoid future clutter and bottlenecks, whilst leaving your computer much faster, running more smoothly and prone to less crashes.

Hardware Upgrades

Laptop speed optimisation by cleansing software yields great results, but sometimes extra laptop speed is needed. For serious speed, we offer a ‘Laptop Upgrade’ service, in which we install bigger and faster components into your laptop. This includes DDR3/4 RAM and replacing your old Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with a new, lightning fast, Solid State Drive (SSD). No files will be lost upon upgrading to a Solid State Drive (SSD) with Augment.

Solid State Drives

How to Speed Up Laptop LondonThe regular old, 2.5 inch, hard disk drive (HDD) has been the de facto standard for laptop storage for a long-time. This is because they offer great storage capacity at low cost. However, over the past several years, we have seen the newer flash-based, Solid State Drives (SSD), come down in price as they have witnessed more mainstream adoption. Today, most mid and high-end laptops will be shipped with SSDs as standard.

Solid State Drives offer a range of benefits including:

  • 10 times faster read/write speeds
  • Reliability: no moving parts makes SSDs much more reliable than their HDD counterparts. HDDs use moving drive heads and magnetic platters, which means the more they are used, the faster they wear down and fail, costing you your precious data. If this has happened to you, click here to read more about our Data Recovery services, and call us on 07842 908769, to implement a file recovery plan.
  • Lower Power Usage: SSDs consume less power than standard hard drives, meaning a lower electricity bill and longer laptop battery life.
  • Less Noise: no moving parts means little if any noise.
  • Less Heat: static components generate dispel less heat.
  • Resistant to Magnetism.

If you wish to speed up your laptop, give us a call on 07842 908769, and ask about our ‘Laptop Speed Optimisation’ and ‘Laptop Upgrade’ packages.

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